Jay Chou plays Kato in Green Hornet

Jay ChouJay Chou plays Kato in the Green Hornet. Unfortunately this movie is the first impression most Americans will get of Jay Chou. They may hear that actor playing Kato in the Green Hornet is a Chinese Pop Star or a “heartthrob”. But Jay Chou is not only a Chinese Pop Idol but also a gifted, versatile and prolific composer. Here is a selection of songs he wrote for himself and others.

Jolin Tsai (Cai Yi Ling)


Jolin Tsai

English Name: Jolin Tsai
Han Yu Pin Yin Name: Cai Yi Ling
Cantonese Name: Choi Yee Lam
Birth Date: September 15 1980
Birthplace : Taipei , Taiwan
Current Home: Taipei , Taiwan
Family: Parents , Elder sister
Nationality: Taiwanese
Religion: Taoist
Chinese Zodiac: Monkey
Star Sign: Virgo
Blood Type:
Education Fu-Ren Catholic University
Languages Spoken: Mandarin, English
Performs in: Mandarin, English
Professions: Singer, Musician
Record Company: Sony-Taiwan
English Homepage: Official Singapore Fanclub

Most Confident : Singing

Hates : Insomia

Celebrities (International) : Tom Cruise , Julia Roberts

Male Singer : David Tao

Female Singer : Faye Wong , Mariah Carey

Flower : Rose

Pet : Dog

Season : Summer

Festival : Christmas

Colours : Black , White

Fruits : Every One Of Them

Feature : Eyes

Brand : Guess

Movie : My Best Friend’s Wedding


Jolin began her career by taking part in the MTV singing competition while she was just 18. She won the top prize with a song “The Greatest Love of all” and was signed by Universal Music as a new singer from Taiwan.

About a year later, on July 1999, her first single “Living With the World” was released. It was sold in 7-11 stores and it was a tremendous success which led to the release of her first album on September 1999. At that time, her image was the sweet girl-next-door image and was an instant hit with teenagers, which earned her the title “Teenage Boy Killer”.

Her 1st album, “Jolin 1019″ sold more than 400,000 copies around Asia, and actually had many versions of the album out across the world. With the success of her 1st album, she released her anticipated 2nd album in May 2000, “Don’t Stop”, and many of her hits in the album are well known throughout Asia. She also released her 1st photobook that is mainly taken in Hawaii. This album was also a tremendous success. Her image changed for her third album Show Your Love. Being more matured and nearing the age of 21, it was a much soothing album with many new songs and tunes. However, the sales of this album was not at good as compared to the previous two. The fourth album, Lucky Number, did not manage to bring her back to the previous popularity she had although she tried certain new songs and many changes. She also sang the theme song for the movie Atlantis.

Then for a period of 1 year, due to problems with her record company, she did not cut any albums. However, she came out with her 2nd photobook, taken in Thailand, with a song composed by Jay Chou.  She finally managed to sign with Sony Music and got her biggest break in her whole career. Her album Magic, topped the Taiwan album charts for 3 full months and sold more than 300,000 in Taiwan alone.  This transformation gave her what she needed to make a comeback to the music scene after being gone for almost a year.  In 2004 she released her 2nd album with Sony, “Castle”, which quickly became the top album in Singapore’s RIAS charts.

Courtesy of Jolin Fan Club Singapore

  • March 1999 –  Signed a contract with Universal Record Company
  • September 1999  – Release of Jolin>>1019 album (has 4versions)
  • May 2000 – Release of Don’t Stop album (has 3versions)
  • August 2000 – Release of all Jolin’s MTV on a VCD
  • December 2000 – Release of Jolin’s 3rd album ‘Show Your Love’
  • July 2001 – Release of Jolin’s 4th album ‘Lucky Number’ (has 2 versions)
  • September 2001 – First time in Malaysia,and held 2 mini concerts
  • November 2001 – First compilation album of all four albums, ‘Together’.
  • March 2003 – Release of Jolin’s 5th album ‘See My 72 Changes – Magic’
  • March 2004 – Release of Jolin’s 6th album ‘Castle’


  • Champion of the JingMei Secondary School singing competition
  • First Runner-up of Zhongguang Music Competition
  • 1998 – Champion of MTV Youngsters Singing Competition
  • 1999 – Channel V Most Popular Female Newcomer award
  • 1999 – “San Li” Music Station Poll Chart Most Promising Newcomer
  • 1999 – TVBS Super Live Most Popular Female Artist
  • 2000 – Singapore Hit Award Most Popular Newcomer (Gold)
  • 2001 – New York MTV most popular Asia mtv video award


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